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Alongside our exhibitions, there is a public programme of events you might want to get involved in. See below for more information and follow us on social media or sign up to the mailing list to keep updated as new events are added.
Art social at output ART SOCIALS

When you're doing the rounds visiting exhibitions or attending events, do you ever see the same faces again and again and wonder who they are? Are you stuck working in a studio alone, missing the kind of conversation and connections that could help your work and ideas progress? Are you also maybe a bit nervous when it comes to social events but think it would be great to get to know your local art scene? We've tried to solve all of the above by offering art socials and they're doing the job so far, with attendees leaving with new collaborators and friends and feeling a bit more at ease in their city. Art socials run bi-monthly so come along and hang out, you're very welcome. We have the Kazimier Gardens next door so you can bring a drink through too if you want!
Group crit

When we asked artists in the area what they wanted from OUTPUT, one of the most common answers was for the gallery to facilitate group crits, so we started right away. Come along to a crit if you are looking for feedback on something you've made, something that's still a work in progress, or an idea you haven't even started yet. It's always a upportive group with different faces every time so please feel welcome to join us. The crits are free too, which is great because that type of struture and feedback is often reserved for higher education in the arts so make the most of the opportunity for artistic development here at the gallery.

Every Wednesday 6-7pm, we had Culture Club on in the gallery. It was a free and open event where we could listen to podcasts, watch films and documentaries, share and discuss the things we are interested in. A bit like show-and-tell, one time we watched an hours worth of music videos. Pictured is 'Letter from Tokyo' 2018 by Morgan Quaintance who kindly let us screen his film for the club.
Film screening at OUTPUT

We have a room in the city centre, we have a projector, and we have some chairs. It only follows we do film screenings every so often too! Keep an eye out for announcements of these occassional screenings - often selected by our exhibitors. Last summer, Empty Spaces Cinema took over the gallery space to programme and we hope to do more work supporting indie film screenings in the future.

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