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Beyond the Blue
November 8-11

The oldest building in Liverpool City Centre and the first art centre in the UK, Bluecoat is currently supported by 204 volunteer gallery and events invigilators. In Beyond the Blue, those volunteers become both exhibitors and curators to deliver a group show of new and exciting work. The pieces encompass both fine art and craft-based practices, and offer a diverse range of media, subject and style.
    The exhibition contains work by Kathy Dereli, Anthony Hoare, Claire Holtaway, Sorrell Kerrison, Ilona Walker, Joanne Wilson, Mark Quine, Liz McDerra, Jacob Hulmston, Lucy Dunne, Bridie Fletcher and Freya Levy. Artworks were selected and curated by a committee led by Ed Montana-Williams and Vanessa Sharpe, with assistance from Sophie Small, Rebecca Glover, Anthony Hoare, Louise Heys, Rachael Abbott and Katie Perry.

Please find the full press release here.
Beyond the Blue
Beyond the Blue at OUTPUT gallery bluecoat
Beyond the Blue exhibition with visitors
Beyond the Blue

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