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Gina Tsang
March 13 - 24

Gina Tsang is continuing on in OUTPUT gallery for our first back to back exhibition following on from ‘Fine Heart.’ This time around, the artist is presenting her 2018 installation 'Reproduction.' The work was first shown at Tsang's MA Degree Show at Liverpool John Moores University. The show brings together a video by the artist and a collection of paintings made by her father Bo, and acts as a portrait of the differences and similarities between them. Close replicas of Picasso’s, Bo’s work sometimes incorporates his own image as well as his partner Dot.

Please find the full press release here.
Gina Tsang projection
Bo Tsang paintings
Bo Tsang Picasso paintings
Bo Tsang Picasso paintings
Bo Tsang in Gina Tsang video
Gina Tsang floorplan video
Bo Tsang Picasso paintings

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