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Scott Charlesworth
September 5-15 / curated by Thomas Dukes, Open Eye Gallery

Our landscape changes us. Just as we increasingly shape our environment to the demands of development, fast paced transport and power consumption. Our world is drawn from childhood streets, journeys that take us to unfamiliar places or frequented social spaces filled with friends and foes who just as equally help shape our perceptions. Places get into us, and change the way we see the rest of the world.
    That’s not saying that we perceive these spaces the same. Cultures can grow around shared backgrounds - but the neighborhood that someone longs to get away from can be the home you can’t wait to get back to.

Scott Charlesworth is a photographer and writer. For him, the motorway is the vessel out from the North West for study or assignments. It’s staring through the windscreen and viewfinder and wondering about what it means to come from somewhere. The 8 cooling towers of Fiddler's Ferry Power Station act as beacons during country long journeys, revealing themselves and polluting the sky with smoke, marking the home stretch.

The bridges and rivers, the flyers on telegraph poles, the warehouse parties and sense of style is all part of a portrait of a place - just as the way Scott sees this place is a portrait of him.
    Scott Charlesworth volunteered with Open Eye Gallery back in 2017-18, and has undertaken a Silver Arts Award through us. He works full time in marketing in Southport presently, has produced features for CRACK Magazine, interned at LAW Magazine and studied photography BA in Falmouth University.

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Scott Charlesworth

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