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June 21-July 1

For our second exhibition, OUTPUT gallery is showing work by Liverpool-based artist TANNSAH (b. 96, Burton-on- Trent). TANNSAH’s practice explores the emotional and psychological consequences of forced marriage, domestic abuse and cultural enforcement. The artist works in performance, spoken word, as well as sound and dance. For TANNSAH, spoken word is the release of ‘the suppressed emotions of victims’ to whom she relates. When it comes to the meaning of things she does and makes, she encourages conversation and for that reason has answered the questions listed below to help the viewer engage with her practice and the activities in this specific exhibition.

On June 28th, the artist will return to the gallery for a performance using two of her sound pieces ‘Dhancha’ and ‘Hasad’; and on July 5th, she has chosen to screen the 2005 Egyptian film Dunia: Kiss Me Not on the Eyes, directed by Jocelyne Saab.

Please find the full press release here.
TANNSAH projection and installation
TANNSAH films on plinths
TANNSAH performance in red lights
Film screening as part of TANNSAH exhibition

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